Yeah, we're here for a reason...


We don't just desecrate discs with absurd stamps for no reason. It's to ensure you have a good game, and a good time. Angry Goose discs aren't just for their looks either. I mean yeah, they look like they frickin' kick other disc's asses, but they're more than that. Each disc is selected because of it's ridiculous performance on the course. Then we break down all the information about that disc put it on a sticker and let you decide if you want to slap it on the back of the disc or not. So, if you're ready to stop being average right now, and start being a little better than average—throw Angry Goose.

WARNING: Throwing an Angry Goose disc increases your risk of gaining respect. SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDE: your mom loving you more, climbing fences, winning arm wrestling competitions, talking to trees, blowing the chains off baskets, looking people in the eye more, saying yes to danger, and swimming in park ponds. 


Tastefully stamp as many high performance discs as we possibly can/manufacturers will let us. 


Make our own best performing discs with the same good-looking style. This will be very expensive, and we can't ask our moms for any more money. We need your love and support so we can keep growing the sport of disc golf.


Our mission is to bridge the gap between having a good game and a good time. 


We will achieve this by tastefully stamping our own artwork on the best performing discs. We also create silly apparel, and use instructional design to make tips stickers for all of the discs we sell. 


Everything we do is to create a fun and memorable experience for YOU.