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Angry Goose Disc Golf: Top 5 Best-Selling Discs of 2023

Greetings, fellow disc golf enthusiasts! Get ready to be tickled, shocked, and utterly amused as we unveil the feather-flappin' best sellers from the Angry Goose Disc Golf arsenal. These discs have taken the disc golf community by storm! Gaining popularity within the disc golf community, offering players a balance of performance and reliability. Without further ado, let's dive into the hilariously high-flying world of Angry Goose's top 5 discs for 2023!

1. The Chain Tickler Putter – Axiom Envy

Behold the mighty Chain Tickler, a putter so smooth it'll make even the most seasoned disc golfer blush. Crafted with the precision of an Angry Goose honk, the Axiom Envy putter is a glow-in-the-dark marvel that transforms midnight putting into a cosmic comedy show. Picture this: glowing discs, a starlit night, and the sweet sound of chains being thoroughly tickled – a recipe for putting perfection!

2. The Goose From Hell Distance Driver – Innova Thunderbird

Prepare for a drive so powerful it could launch a goose into orbit – The Goose From Hell! With the Innova Thunderbird as its chariot, this distance driver is an egg-laying chest-popping beast that annihilates fairways like never before. Its reliability makes it a sought-after choice for players aiming to maximize their distance throws. Brave souls beware, for The Goose From Hell is not for the faint of heart. It's a disc golf journey to the depths distance hell!

3. The Roundhouse Kick to the Face Fairway Driver – Latitude 64 River

The Roundhouse Kick to the Face, paired with the Latitude 64 River, caters to players who prioritize accuracy in their fairway drives. This fairway driver delivers precision kicks to your disc golf game! Adding this to your bag is equivalent to a triple black belt.

4. The Goosaconda Midrange – Dynamic Discs Bounty

Slithering its way into the midrange scene is The Goosaconda, armed with the Dynamic Discs Bounty. This midrange marvel smoothly navigates the course like a slippery snake. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a disc golf newbie, The Goosaconda is here to squeeze the best out of your midrange game.

5. The Annihilator Distance Driver – Innova Destroyer

Enter The Annihilator, a distance driver that lives up to its name! Paired with the Innova Destroyer, this disc is the epitome of power, precision, and pure goose mayhem. Watch as it annihilates fairways, leaving the trail obliterated. A disc has never been this ferocious, so untamed – The Annihilator is ready to dominate.

The top-performing Angry Goose discs of 2023 offer a range of options to cater to different player preferences. Whether seeking precision in short game putts or aiming for powerful distance throws, these discs have proven their worth on the disc golf course. Explore the options, enhance your game, and experience the reliable performance of Angry Goose Disc Golf.


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